Surgical Stainless Steel Needles-

DO NOT BE FOOLED by cheaper needles that can break off in your skin!!

​MTS Microneedle Therapy System is NOW available for your home use!

​Use the alone or in between your MD Pen Medical Microneedling treatments.  

Medical micro needling revitalizes the skin by increasing the production of collagen & elastin and aiding in the absorption of medical grade topicals   (Hyaluronic Acids, anti aging serums, skin lighteners, etc) which reduce scarring, corrects fine lines & improves surface texture. Microneedling treatments lift & tighten tissue, while diminishing wrinkles, photo aging, & pore size.  

What skin issues can be treated with microneedling:

*Acne and other scars            * Facial & Neck rejuvenation

*Stretch marks                    * Hand rejuvenation

*Photo-aging                       * Roseca

*Fine lines                         * Enlarged pores

*Uneven skin tone & texture.   * Stimulates collagen & elastin production


*Stimulates hair growth

Microneedling-MD Pen​         $225 per treatment area

​                                                                       $600 series of 3 prepaid treatments

MTS Rollers (Dermal rolling).      $149